About Us
About PRA

Power Rain Assemble child care was founded by Power rain Assemble ministry, a Christian based ministry that has been in existence since 2018. With the alarming rate of poverty, increasing rate of illiteracy with the combination of family negligence in African communities, the Power Rain Assemble Child Care was founded to provide the less privileged children in our African communities a chance to kickstart life with high quality education. we as the Power Rain Assemble Child Care, aim at providing our beneficiaries with scholastic materials necessary to attend school and flourish academically.

Furthermore, we aim at providing our children who can’t afford decent clothes, food and day to day necessities with decent clothes as well as food to improve on their livelihoods. With these young minds under our care, we focus on extending a helping hand by teaching them the ways of God as well as counseling them to break the barrier of child neglect that is running rampant in our community for a brighter future.

PRA Child Care

Uganda is a third world highly populated country of 40 million people, with the biggest percentage of people living under low standards of living. Some of the citizens cannot provide themselves with ordinary basic needs like shelter, food, clothing, education etc

Under the Power Rain Assemble ministry, the PRA child care organization was founded with an aim to help the less privileged children in our African communities better their lives using education as a tool of betterment at district and national level.

By partnering with NGOs, Foundations and associations of the like, the PRA Child Care is able to fill the identified gaps in the lives of these children and contribute to the development of the children in our communities.

The PRA Child Care organization provides evidence, analysis and recommendations needed to implement early childhood systems that work for our children. This Organization is meant to educate children by offering an uplifting hand to families less privileged to afford education. It is meant to provide food, clothing, moral support as well as guidance to enable and ensure the development of a wholesome child positively contributing effectively to the society..

Sources of Funds

Through grants from NGOs, the PRA Child Care Organisation is able to fund activities associated to the running of this Organisation.

Through donations from well-wishers, the PRA Child Care Organisation is able to kickstart the first step of transformation of the lives of these Children.

The Board Team

We are aiming at creating An educated God-fearing generation that will change the dimension of this country for the better.

Mrs. Angella Nansubuga Board President

Most African children end up with misplaced destinies because of poor or no education. Power Rain Assemble Child Care is determined to change this trajectory for the better.

Mr. Kakooza Alex Executive Director

Am thankful to the Almighty for this initiative to the less privileged children in Uganda. Am sure the beneficiaries will see the hand of God change their lives.

Mrs. Martha Eunice Board Member
Senior Management Team

Power Rain Assemble Child Care (PRACC) is a church-based organization with an organized team ready to work with partners to help Ugandan vulnerable children.

Matovu Israel General Manager

With the combination of effort, mind, body, and soul, Power Rain Assemble Child Care a basic platform that will enable our beneficiaries stand while being lifted by an uplifting hand.

Frank Kaweesi Project Coordinator

Working with children is my passion, at PRACC, we stand together and united to provide a better tomorrow for the children under our care so as the have a chance to attain a brighter future.

Harriet Namugenyi Project Manager