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Thousands of families need your help. Together we can ensure the less privileged children in this country have a chance at live with quality education decent clothing and better feeding to restore their hope.

Pra Child Care is focused and committed to helping the less privileged children in this country access better education and well as proper feeding. 

There are various ways through which you can donate to PowerRainAssemble Child Care. You can do this by either making a one off donation, bank donation or by setting up a monthly contribution via a stop order with your bank or through mobile money.

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Kindly support us by using one of these methods , so can contribute to a better Uganda for our Children.

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Senior Management Team

Power Rain Assemble Child Care (PRACC) is a church-based organization with an organized team ready to work with partners to help Ugandan vulnerable children.

Matovu Israel General Manager

With the combination of effort, mind, body, and soul, Power Rain Assemble Child Care a basic platform that will enable our beneficiaries stand while being lifted by an uplifting hand.

Frank Kaweesi Project Coordinator

Working with children is my passion, at PRACC, we stand together and united to provide a better tomorrow for the children under our care so as the have a chance to attain a brighter future.

Harriet Namugenyi Project Manager